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1st-3rd Grade Basketball Guidelines

Basketball Guidelines


       ·      You must play half court at first recess and 2:00 o’clock recess.

  •     You may play full court at lunch recess.
  •     If someone asks to play, you must include them unless you already
  •     have 12 players on full court, or 8 players on a half court.
  •     If less than 6 players are participating, you must share half court.

      ·     If a foul occurs while shot is being made, two free shots for foul.

             All other fouls, the opposite team takes ball out of bounds.                  

             Charging is a foul.

  •    No traveling or double dribbles.

      ·     Being a poor sport will result in loss of play for the day.

  •    Deliberate pushing results in loss of play.

      ·      Game ends at bell.