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March Madness and upcoming events!




ATTENDANCE MARCH MADNESS, TK and K registration, Prospective parent tours, Spring Break


1. Attendance at school is so important!!!  In order to encourage everyone to improve their attendance Wardlaw is going to be participating in a March Madness attendance contest.  We will be competing with 5 other Vallejo Elementary schools: Highland, Dan Mini, Patterson, Glen Cove, and Lincoln! 

Here are the prizes:

Each week the class with the best attendance at each grade level will get EXTREME EXTRA RECESS!!!

Each week every class that has 96% attendance or better will be entered in a raffle to win a Movie and Popcorn Party!!!

At the end of the month the class with the best attendance for the entire month will get a Pizza and Extreme PE Party.  The teacher of the class will win an entire day of preparation time!!!

If Wardlaw wins in the competition against the other schools we will have an awards assembly where Mrs. Robbins will dye her hair PURPLE,  students will be able to DUNK Mrs. Clark, Ms. Shelley will become a human ice cream sundae, and Ms. Njaa will dress like a whale ALL DAY! HOW EXCITING WILL THAT BE?!

Next Friday March 2nd will be the first check in point for winners—let’s do our very best to be at school every day from February 26th-March 23rd.  We can do this Wardlaw!


2. Tk and Kindergarten registration begins March 1st

3. Prospective Parent tours on April 18th 9-11, or sooner by appointment please call 556-8730


4. March 23 is a minimum day and spring break is March 26 to  April 6