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We all have times when we are unavoidably late, but tardiness and absences affect the learning of all students.  Teachers begin instruction immediately. A late student often misses important information. Teachers cannot stop teaching to help students who come in late.  Students who have three unexcused absences or three unexcused late arrivals (after 30 minutes) will be sent a truancy letter. If your child is absent or late one additional time, he/she will receive the second truancy letter. If your child is absent or late again, the third truancy letter will be sent. After the third truancy, the parent/guardian will be required to attend our school district’s School Attendance and Review Board (SARB). Please schedule any vacations, medical, and/or dental appointments so they don’t interfere with class time.  When your child misses school they are learning that school and homework are not a priority. We want to improve our attendance and our student achievement – both go together!


  • State law requires all students to attend school regularly and parents are responsible for their attendance.


  • A telephone call or note is required to clear all absences.


  • Our office is open from 8:00 to 4:00 and the number is (707) 556-8730.



Children can only be absent for three reasons: illness, doctor's appointment, or bereavement for immediate family.  If a student is not in school for any other reason, they are marked as truant. A child who is late by more than 30 minutes or picked up early by more than 30 minutes without a valid reason will be marked truant.