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Lisa Fry

Chrisma Caoile-Magaoay

Noelle Fetters

Linda Moreno

Amanda Benguerel/Pat Innes


Supply List


Second Grade

Supplies will be shared by the class

2 boxes Crayola crayons (16 – 24)

2 boxes #2 yellow pencils, sharpened

1 set Crayola washable markers, primary colors

4 large glue sticks

2 2” pink erasers

1 package pencil top erasers

1 pair student scissors, Fiskars brand

1 box colored pencils, sharpened

2 folders with bottom pockets

1 spiral notebook, single subject, wide ruled

2 Sharpie black markers, fine tip

1 8oz. bottle of white Elmer’s glue

1 box EXPO dry erase markers (red, blue,

            black, green) & Expo eraser

2 boxes Kleenex tissue

1 box anti-bacterial wipes or hand sanitizer

1 backpack (marked with name) No wheels

2 yellow highlighters

1 plastic pencil box or 8” x 5” box

2 reams 8 ½ x 11 white copy paper