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My leadership team getting ready for 2016-2017

Principal's Message

Our Principal, Mrs. Robbins:

        Mrs. Robbins was born and raised in Vallejo; attending Beverly Hills Elementary, Pennycook Elementary, Vallejo Junior High, and Hogan High School.  She went on to get her Bachelors of Science at UC Davis, teaching credential at Cal State Teach, and Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Cal State East Bay.  This is Mrs. Robbins 17th year in the Vallejo City Unified School District.  She has worked her way up from a substitute teacher to being the proud Principal of Wardlaw Elementary.  Mrs. Robbins has had the honor of being a parent, a teacher, a Vice Principal, and now Principal at Wardlaw!

        Mrs. Robbins is a mom of three and currently resides in Vallejo with her husband and family.  She enjoys being a part of the community in which she serves.  Her favorite part of being a principal is working with an amazing group of teachers, staff, families, and children every day.


Principal's Message


Dear Parents and Families:


We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Wardlaw Elementary School.  Your child’s first day at Wardlaw will be the start of a joyous adventure.  It is a journey that will encounter a wide variety of exciting and interesting things to do and learn. We will be partners, jointly dedicated to helping all children grow into healthy, happy, well-educated, and fully aware citizens.


Our school is dedicated to the belief that all children can and will learn.  It is also understood that children learn at different rates and have different needs.  The school works to provide children with every learning opportunity possible to assist each individual student.


We believe that staff, students and parents must work cooperatively with each other to promote constant and ongoing improvement of both the instructional program and the academic learning environment.  Therefore, we ask for the help and support of the Wardlaw School community in order to continue to grow and progress.


We must all have high expectations of ourselves, our school, and our children.  We expect students to learn, to behave appropriately, and try their best.  We expect teachers to teach, treat students with fairness and work to continually improve their program.  We expect parents to work with the school, stay in touch and join us in supporting all children as they learn and grow.


Communication is essential to student and school success.  We will be calling home with a phone message about every two weeks.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call us at 556-8730.  You can also email Mrs. Robbins or Ms. Clark, or just stop by to schedule an individual appointment.  We look forward to sharing many wonderful experiences with your child and your family!


Mrs. Robbins:                              Ms. Clark: