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School Site Council & ELAC

 SSC Meeting


SSC Description

The School Site Council is a group composed of teachers, parents, and the principal. It is a legal requirement of Title 1 that a SSC oversees and approves our improvement program and budgets. Our Title 1 funds cover items such as the salary of our teacher leader, release time for teachers for professional development, an extended day reading program, one-day a week psych intern and improving our technology. 

School Site Council

SSC meets approximately once a month.  Our meetings happen at 8am on the first Tuesday of the month. 

If you are interested in serving as a voting member of the SSC, please contact the office. 

We welcome all visitors even if you aren't a voting member.

 ELAC Meeting


ELAC Description

As a requirement of bilingual education laws we have an advisory committee called the English Learners Advisory Committee. This parent group is open to all parents but we are legally required to have the same participation rate of English Learner parents as the student population. Our ELAC group meets at least 5 times a year at 8am. We provide Spanish translation for parents. At our meetings we discuss our program for EL students such as our before school EL reading program and push in support for EL students. The ELAC reviews our budget and provides input as to how best to spend these funds in support of our EL students. Our ELAC meetings are also a forum for parents to ask questions and talk about the school and how best it can meet the needs of our students. .

ELAC meets approximately once a month. Our meetings happen at 9:15 am on the last Thursday of the month.  

If you are interested in serving as a voting member of the ELAC, please contact the office.


Everyone is invited to join us even if you aren't a voting member.